Describing myself….

My dreams for the future is to graduate with a bachelor’s degree on elementary education. I want to be a great teacher and also i would be bilingual. I want to learn new things and want to be ready to teach my future students all my knowledge that I learned in college. There can be obstacles on my way but I will do anything to achieve them. One fun thing I did over the summer was going to Ecuador and visit my family. I was a great experiencing going to different places and learning more of my culture, which I learned new things. One important thing that I won’t forget is that I got to meet my little cousin who was born days before I arrived. Visiting our own culture and seeing different things is a great experience that I will always remember the fun days  I had there.

I think that this semester will challenging but still fun because I will be learning new ways of how I can be a great teacher. I am looking forward of doing observations, doing case studies, going to do hours of volunteering in a classroom where one will learn new things from the teacher and probability would want to use their philosophy that they are using in their classroom. I know that i will get great information from the three class I will taking with Kristine this semester and getting to know her better. 🙂

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