What I imagine myself teaching…

I imagine myself teaching a first or second grade class. I want to teach them math or other subjects. I love working with children who are in these grades. I currently volunteer in an elementary school and work with first and second graders. It is a really nice experience to help them out on their math or sometimes I read with them. They see as their teacher and I love when they want me to help them build projects. It is very nice going to schools and learning new things.I am thinking in working in an urban area and teach children all my knowledge that I know and that they can succeed in life. I want them to be great leaders and be a hero or champion in their life. It draws me to this area because I have grown in an urban area especially in Minneapolis and have gone to public school. I know that it will be great teaching in urban areas and knowing that in the past I was a student and find ways so students don’t get bored easily. I want to be a fun teacher but still have norms to follow.  The environment is nice and  peaceful which I know that I would like working with these students. Urban areas is where people like to live in the city and more things are happening like more places to eat, go shopping or  do fun things as opposed to suburban areas. Suburban areas are where people live in a small community that is far from the city and is more quite. Also there isn’t much going on, but the community is very helpful and care for each other. My own personal experience in schools makes me see that I want to learn more and be a great teacher where I can teach my students be leaders and achieve their dreams. Everyone will be equal and have values. I want to teach my students that education is good for them.

2 thoughts on “What I imagine myself teaching…

  1. Well everyone can think differently when it comes to define urban, rural and suburban. On my way of thinking urban is where people live in the city and everything is easy to go to places, when it comes to rural is where it is on the country side like outside the cities and things can be differently. In suburban places it is sometimes close to the city but it is a small community where middle class people live and different environment is stablished there.

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