Why You? Why Pedagogy?

During this first week of Introduction to Pedagogical Practices we did a group activity. In these groups we got to discuss the basic philosophies that we liked to put in use in our future class. It was great to see that all from my group agreed in the last two philosophies that were social reconstructivism and extentialism , which we the two that we loved from the other. It was nice seeing the other philosophies but some we didn’t like because some school don’t have a good curriculum or follow the curriculum. One thing that I liked was that as teacher I would like to show my students how to do critical thinking and learn new things that will help them through their life. I also learned that there is seven different ways of learning styles. There were two who I liked and they were verbal and visual. This ways are good for students that are in first and second graders because they can learn verbally and visual. It helps them understand better and what they need to learn. I know that from this class I will get to learn new practices that will make me a better teacher and have better communication with them.  I am looking forward in reading the books and doing observations in a class. Even though I am volunteering at a school I know that I will learn more and get a great experience with this course.

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