Educational Autobiography

The most joyful moments in my educational experience is that I remember that I had a great teacher in second grade when I had a hard time writing in English. My parents weren’t that fluent in English, so my teacher helped by writing simple words in English. She would send me flashcards and made me write three times the words.  It helped me a lot because she took some of her time and taught me how to write in English and become a good English speaker. Also in fourth grade a teacher helped me with my multiplication and division. I had difficulties learning and understanding the homework. She offered to send me practice homework to do at home and before school started she would show me ways of how I could do the multiplication and check my work to see if I did it good. One thing I liked from her is that she would give me small quiz where she would see if I am doing good in math. I will never forget their helped because without their help probability I would have struggled a lot during my elementary years. From these experiences I see that as an educator, I would like to communicate with each of my students. I want to help them progress through their education. I will find easier ways for them to understand by providing visuals on the topic they are having trouble. I don’t want my students to see me as a person that I don’t care for their learning, but see that I will do anything for them and that I care more than they think.

4 thoughts on “Educational Autobiography

  1. I know it must have felt good to have a great teacher like that when you were in second grade that really wanted to help you. I know it could be hard for children when their parents aren’t fluent in English. Where i went to school in the second grade that wouldn’t happen so i consider you lucky.

  2. That is why I want to help my students with their writing when I know how hard is to learn a new language. Sometimes some schools have a different curriculum and some teachers don’t help their students. I don’t want to be one of those teacher who don’t care for their students learning instead engage them to learn and be leaders in life.

  3. Im glad that you had a great teacher that really wanted to see you improve as a student. Its great that you want to go back and do the same for someone else! I really struggled in first grade and I didn’t have any help so im glad to here that you did!

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