Approaching Planning.

An important thing that I will consider as I do my lesson plan is how will I approach cultural diversity. I don’t want no one to be left behind or feel that they are in a wrong place. I want them to feel confident. I don’t my students to think I am being biased with the topic I am going to teach, so I would find appropriate language where they can understand what I am teaching and ask their personal opinion . I want their ideas to be heard and compare it to our topic.  I want to establish a great lesson plan where i can go back the following year and retouch and do small changes.  Some questions I would  consider asking myself is how well will my students understand the material that is given? What would I do if the discussion is getting off control, would I change the topic or try to address why they are feeling that way? Are they comparing and contrasting the topic if I gave them an example? What kind of information will I deliver? For example show  them pictures, documents or something that will help others who are visual learners. I want my students to be good critical thinkers and be able to remember the information I give with something that probability happened to them or seen or heard about it. But I know that I will not go through all my lesson plan that same day perhaps there was something important that we had to address and end the lesson early.

3 thoughts on “Approaching Planning.

  1. I agree with you that it is important to remain flexible when planning lessons. If the conversation veers off of the planned topic but is still an important issues, stay with it. Maybe it is for the best that the conversation headed in a certain direction.

  2. I think you are spot on when you think about how you can bring back a discussion that is “out of control.” Shifting the spotlight to a tangible resource will help to diffuse interpersonal discussions and focus on a ‘third’ thing. Love it.

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