Observation 1


I have been my observation at Marcy Open School. It is located in SE Minneapolis. It is a very nice school and very welcoming. I have been volunteering in this school since this March. They like having volunteers in classrooms and especially having students who want to become teachers. I have spent at least 16 hours and 16 minutes already doing observation, mentoring, and supporting classroom instructions. I have been doing all this in room 106, which is Tiffany’s second grade teacher. She is very helpful and gives me good advise of what I need to do to become a great teacher. The first day I went to do volunteering I was nervous and little scared. I wondered if the students would like me. Will they be nice and would let me to help them? What will the new expectations be for the classroom? There was so much going on my mind. But during these three weeks I have been helping the teacher and the students. I have helped students with STA Math where students are doing math games in their iPads. I walked around and gave them hints of how to do them because one couldn’t give the answer or tell them what to do. I helped two students who were struggling with math. I sat with them and helped them go through each math problem step by step until they understood. It brings me joy of helping them and showing them that they can ask my help when they need it.

My first thought when I saw this school was that it was so big and that there would be a lot of students and great staff. The building looks great because they have painted in the inside and everything is so clean inside. The school is very secure and before entering the school one has to press a button and they see you through a camera and then they open the door so one can enter the school. There is different room that have picture in the door and say different phrases so when visitors come they can see where they are going and which room is it.

I asked two staff from the school whom I have talked in the school. I have asked them how long have they worked here and what is their position there. One person said that she has been a fourth grade teacher for eight years and that students are very wonderful. She loves working there and helping the community. Tiffany who is a second grade teacher loves her job because she have done volunteering, been a teacher assistant and finally she was hired to be a second grade teacher last year. She says that sometimes it can be frustrating but one gets used to the things one has to do but one can over come them. Teaching is something that comes natural and that one has to work with students hard so they accomplish their goals and become great leaders as they progress through school.

2 thoughts on “Observation 1

  1. Tracy,
    your entry here was intriguing because it left me with some unanswered questions. I am wondering what kind of neighborhood this school is in, on the one hand it sounds as though they are well funded and have some pretty high-tech security, but that leaves me with the question: why do they need such security? What are people’s general feelings about the area? Is the security in response to general social concerns about violence in American schools, or insecure feelings about the neighborhood? It sounds like they make great use of technology in overall. How lucky the students are to have ipads! What kinds of things are they allowed/ not allowed to do with them? Are they allowed to use social networking sites and things like that, or school work only? Or can they combine the two? I am interested to read the rest of your observations about this school as the semester goes on. Would this be (do you think) the kind of environment where you would want to teach? Do you feel it is diverse? I look forward to the rest of your posts 🙂

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