Seeing Students..

In the Schultz reading I didn’t agree with some of the things he said when it came to the model of teaching. I think that letting students choose what they want to learn can bring consequences because they won’t learn what is necessary for them to be ready for the next grade. I think that if one follows the standards and if one gives them one day where they can choose what they want to learn because it will engage the students to learn and try their best. It will help the students be good listeners and see that I do worry for their education and give them choices sometimes. I would like to make goals or see what each student is learning and that will help me see what I can do to meet the standards. I want them to be ready and ahead of the level of reading or math.

When I broke down the standards/benchmarks into smaller pieces I was thinking more in the student’s learning. I want them to learn step by step when it came to solve real life problems using two digit numbers. I would need them to know how to count to one hundred, know the addition and subtraction rules, know the vocabulary used in addition and subtraction so it can be helpful hints for them. I will do the best to accomplish these goals so my students don’t lose some of their learning and that can be good in math or reading depending on what they are struggling.

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