Reflecting on School Design.

When we were given the chance to design a school from scratch it was not that easy. It was hard imagining a school that will benefit the students and the teacher. Wondering what choices could be good foe this school. In our groups we had progressivism where students and teachers shared the power in the classroom. It wasn’t that easy trying to build a curriculum with this educational philosophy because each of us have different philosophies that we want to teach. Building ideas of how we should address this issue how we could share power with the students and not have asseasements as other school would have. For me it was difficult building this school that matched that specific philosophy because I had other ideas that I would didn’t match progressivism. i know that when it comes to think about my believes and values in education I want to have a welcoming environment where students are engaged but I will still have power of what should be done even though students can still participate in making suggestion. I think that as a teacher one should choose a great philosophy that stands out to our  style of teaching and how we want to express our students about the way we want them to learn.  In the reading I liked that teachers must examine the construction of knowledge, identify what knowledge is and how the knowledge is demonstrated. I think that is one of the important things one should think before building our own philosophy and how parents can understand the way we are teaching their children.

4 thoughts on “Reflecting on School Design.

  1. Tracy, I think your classroom will be a very warm and friendly place, just like how you envision it. Progressivism was kind of a tough one, because it goes against the way that most of us were taught growing up.

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