Educational Philosophy

I believe that the purpose of education is that a student can achieve their goals. Students will gain knowledge from all they learned during the years they were in school. Education will open them to new opportunities when it comes to apply for a job or a university they want to attend. It helps them through out their whole life.

School provides each student with a good academic achievement, creativity and is a good critical thinker. In the curriculum the teacher will meet with one student at a time to see where they are struggling and set goals for them. The teacher should seek a similarity in the students and see in what they are struggling. They will try to incorporate the struggles  in the lesson she will be teaching. The students and the teacher will have a good communication and the student will be successful at the end of the year. The school will feel welcoming and the students will be engaged to learn when they see that the teacher cares for them.

My purpose as a teacher I will try to work with each student and see what his or her strengths and weakness is each subject like reading, math or writing. I will set goals for each student so they can reach a certain level that they need for the next grade. I will do assessments at the beginning of the year so I can see where I can help the student throughout the year. But I will do a portfolio for each assessment I will do in reading, math or writing. I will compare each assessment and see the progress they have made. Also it will help me see what I need to do so they can reach the level that they need to be for the following year. I will communicate with each parent when they come to conferences or by email to let them know how their child is progressing and what changes they made during the year.

When it comes to approach the larger community I will make them see that I am bringing all my knowledge and helping each student by setting goals at the beginning of the year. I will let them know that the results of how students have progressed and what my lesson plans will be like during the year. I will be open to any suggestions or concerns from parents and will try to help their children during the year. As a professional educator I will do my best for each student to be successful and be good leaders.


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