School Governance.

The area where we shined  with the school philosophy is with the curriculum and how the teacher will focus with each students to help them on their struggles they are facing during the school year. We described how the student will choose when they will go to school and how they will share the power the teacher. I think that if we twisted and added more information of how the different wings that our school would have and how each of those will focus in the student’s learning. Also give more information how we will share the power or when as teacher will we not share the power? I still will wonder how will the students meet with the standards by having a progressivism school.

I would choose to work in a charter or private school where I can combine my  goals that I would like each student to accomplish during the year but still include some of the standards so they can be ready for college or a  job that they will have.  I will also be free to design a lesson with my goals that I have for them. I think that it would limit my view in schools because some school will follow a certain governance method and will need to put my ideas and theirs together. It would challenge me but I will try my best to work with that governance method. When it comes to see if the school governance model maintains a status quo I am not sure it might have one or it can change during the year.

1 thought on “School Governance.

  1. Charter and public schools do have some freedom. Charter schools are still responsible for state standards and testing, as they receive school funding. Private schools receive no state funding, so they are free to pursue their own educational direction.
    Which fits better?

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