Digging into Relevant Pedagogy…

From the video, I can see that Tracy is trying students to communicate and have a community in the classroom. She wants students to engage and feel that they are in a place where they can express themselves. Tracy has a classroom where each students has a a voice and that they can   help each other when they aren’t understanding something. She wants to have a great communication with each student. She wants students to build from their culture and share their stories as a group. She wants them to interact with different cultures and feel that they are the same.  I liked when she asked each student which of them have different friends from different cultures? It made me see that Tracy is a teacher who likes to interact with different cultures.  From the reading  I can say that she is a teacher who is helping students makes connections between their community, national and global and she encourages  “community of learners.” I can say that she does those practices good and tries to incorporate all her knowledge and help the students be good critical thinkers in the community that they have. I could use some of the ideas in the classroom but will need some change because I will have a welcoming environment and make students be engaged. It just depends how we want to teach pedagogy in our classroom.

1 thought on “Digging into Relevant Pedagogy…

  1. When Tracy asked if the kids have personal friends of different cultures/races, do you think that extended beyond what “should” be happening in the classroom? When you follow this philosophy, you will sacrifice other aspects of learning. What is worth knowing? How is this important for individuals? Our community?

    And what is the call for us as teachers?

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