Observation # 2.


Marcy Open School is a school that goes from Kindergarten to Eight grade. I have observed many things from how the teacher teaches and how the students are in second grade. I have done at least more than thirty hours already because I have been volunteering since the beginning of the school year and go every Monday, Thursday and Friday for at least three hours each day.

Educational Philosophy:

I can see the two philosophies are combined in her educational philosophy. She has essentialism where she stresses the role as a teacher in delivering a basic body of knowledge that every student should know to become a productive member of society. Realism where she believes that the real world can be researched and understood by having a fundamental knowledge they need to survive the natural world. She has those two combined and wants students to progress and be ready for the next year. In the walls I see the hopes and dreams that the students hoped to have for the whole year.  She has word wall where different kinds of words are put in the wall so students can reference them when they need it. Next to her desk she has the schedule for the whole day, the hundreds chart, piece symbol and owls on the walls. The relationship between the student and the teacher is that they have a good connection. Tiffany tries to help each student and she knows what are his or her strengths and weakness. Her room is very organized and light comes through the windows. It feels very welcoming and students are engaged to learn when they walk into the classroom. The desks are organized in a certain way where the teacher has the ability to move around and help the students. Bookshelves are organized and have books of each level so students can read during reader’s workshop. Tiffany is a very organized person and loves her students.

photo 1             photo 2

photo 3

 Lingering Thoughts/Questions:

Since the first time I went to volunteer and observe how Tiffany teaches her second grade classroom I was afraid how students would react when they saw me or if she was nice. I have seen how see has managed to control her students who are miss behaving and how she has a great connection with each student and parents. She is very welcoming and easygoing teacher. I have seen her sometimes get frustrated when students are not listening but instead she does a small dance with the students so they can calm down and she would be able to teach her lesson.  The students are very nice and always wanting to help each other. I have built a good relationship with each second grader this year, they aren’t afraid to ask for help or they sometimes tell me what they have done the day before.  Some of the questions that I have in mind is “how did she feel her first year when she got the opportunity to teach a class? How does she manage to control some students who are very active and sometimes don’t listen when they are sent to take a time out? “ The only thing I could say is that Tiffany is a great teacher and the staff from Marcy gives good compliments of her teaching. I am happy for having the opportunity to observe her class and getting good advice.

2 thoughts on “Observation # 2.

  1. I liked all the detail you had on your teacher for the 2nd observation I get a good picture of who she is as a teacher. I definitely respect the fact that you already have over 30 hours of volunteer work and don’t plan on stopping. More power to you for getting all that experience.

  2. Smart to ponder how her first year would look differently than this year. How did she adjust to ensure she could build positive relationships with kids and community? How did she keep positive, keep working so that she developed into the teacher she is today? And where does she see as her current weaknesses? What is she working on currently?

    You should ask!

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