Culturally Relevant..

My dream classroom would be that I would put  pictures, maps and frames from Ecuador. It will describe where I come from and  children will feel welcome to see that I am able to describe who I am and how I want to have a welcoming environment in the class.  Also I would want to connect with my students so I can get to know who they are and how I could Incorporate some of their beliefs in my classroom. I would find books of some cultures that they were from and learn on depth so the students see that I am trying to learn about them and that we have a cultural relevant environment. For example when Ladson-Billings says that we have to Honor and respect the student’s home culture which means that parents and advocates want to supplant the entire curriculum with “African” curriculum (p.151). It makes me think that I would want to have some of the curriculum based on culture of the students so they can learn some of where they came from and I would incorporate some of the American History so students get engaged when they learn something new each time. the activities that I would want to do with them is bring them pictures and crossword puzzles where they can learn from that culture, then connect as a group to share the ideas they learned and how it connects to their culture.  I imagine students being engaged and interested in learning more than they  have learned about their culture. But one thing that I am afraid is that  students could get bored or not get engaged when we are learning about each others culture. I would want to form a community where students feel confident when they come to the class. The materials that I would use is that each student could bring an item that describes their culture and share it with the class. It would be interesting to see what they bring. Some of the questions that I would ask is how will I corporate some of their culture in my lesson plan? What things will be interesting that will make them be engaged to learn more? Am I being biases when it comes to teach a new culture to the students?

In chapter six on page 127 there is a quote that says “student’s real-life experiences are legitimized as they become part of the official curricula,” I would think very carefully  of how I would i could connect their experiences they had to what we would learn so they can get engaged in the lesson.  Another quote would that I would keep on mind is ” I’ve seen too many black children, particularly boy’s get missed over school” (p.152).I would try to help each student be engaged and help them when they are struggling, but I think that it would be little hard with some boy’s who won’t listen and will do the opposite of what I expect them to do. I will try my best to have good communication with the each student.I want to create a fun and interesting lesson plan where I can repeat the same process the following year.

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