Reflecting on School Funding Formulas.

Some of the questions that come is” Why does the South have more revenue outcome than the West?” Are they paying more tax revenue than the West, it is something that left me thinking why is this happening?  Also when I was comparing Forest Lake District and Minneapolis Public Districts I could see difference where the revenue of Forest Lake is about 1,000 less and the Revenue in Mpls public schools is about 500 less by the end of this year.  It surprised me because what could the changes be when it comes to the revenue that is distributed to the schools? Another thing that I saw is that the state wide funds is decreasing each time as the years go by.

A system that I would develop so there is equitably in schools is by collecting property taxes and sales taxes. It will help collect funds for the schools because many people pay property taxes and sales taxes. People would know why we charge those taxes and where it would be distributed and how it will be helpful for their children in the future when they attend school or are in school now.  I would try to fund money to all the school by giving them the same amount. But I would also give some extra to those school where they need more materials or classes for those children to learn better and get a great education. When it comes to the achievement gap I would try to help each of the students and that no one is left behind because I want every children to benefit from this system and get the learning they need.  My main concern is the children when it comes to their education. I want them to receive all the benefits that other rich school would receive and that they are well prepared for college and other things they would face in life. I want them to get good test scores by preparing them with great things that we could provide them like iPad in classrooms  or computers.  I believe in  vertical equity because I want a place where equity or economic is equal when it comes to fairness in economics where things are distributed to schools and no school is left behind no matter where they are situated.  Some of the concerns that I wonder is will my system work if I collect the funds necessary for the school that are most needed or probability just collect property taxes? Also when it came to look at other districts I could see that some received more funding than others, I think that it is not fair for the children because they need the appropriate materials to learn, and not be left behind.

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