The Role of the Teacher

Before I started to take education courses I thought that teaching would be hard. I always asked how was the teacher so prepared and had everything organized for the lesson they were about to teach. I wondered how much time they took to build their lesson plans. I wanted to know how they could have good connections with the students and families. I could see their hard work they put toward teaching students what they needed to know. I used to think that teachers would have the day off when we were off from school, but in reality they were in conventions or preparing lessons for our class. I used to see that teachers worked hard to accomplish their goals and help her students understand what she is teaching and will work one to one with the student until he or she would understand it. I have seen that teachers love their job and don’t regret majoring in this career because it is something the love to do.

But when I started to take education courses I saw the philosophies that there was when it came to teaching. I saw that there is a variety of ways of how to build lesson plans, how to understand the structure and how fundings are in schools that some day we would be working. Some things that I think that helped me figure out how cultural and anti-cultural is different in a class and how to address them. One thing that I would do when it becomes to teaching in my class i would try to have good communication.  I found new ideas and how to manage a class by brining new activities where they will be engaged and still learn . I have seen that teachers go through a lot of things before graduating with their bachelors but I will never give up of my dream of becoming a second grade teacher.  I want to help my students be successful in everything and help them be ready in their math, reading and writing so when I give them an assessment I could know what they have learned and are struggling.  The education courses that I am enrolled this semester is helping me  a lot by developing ideas of how to develop my class and everything.

1 thought on “The Role of the Teacher

  1. I also did not realize that teachers put in so many unseen hours. They are there before/after school and on days where there is no school in session. I believe that the majority of citizens believe this also and that “teachers have it easy.” It is sad to me how misled our society is.

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