Observation #3


I have been doing my observation at Marcy Open School. I have done about 46 hours of observation hours in a second grade classroom. The second grade classroom is very welcoming and when I get there at 9:30 am every Monday, Thursday and Friday I see them working in the STA math in their ipads. They are so quiet and so focused on their work. When I am getting ready to help them I can see some students with their hand up. I know that I have to go there and help them out. I usually ask them what have you tried, have you thought of another way to solve it because I don’t want to give them the answer immediately. I want them to think what they are doing so when a similar problem appears they would know how to solve it. After they are done doing their STA math, Tiffany gives them a mini lecture of what the main objectives would be for the math they are going to learn. I can see that students want to do their math but instead they review what they have learned before and do two problems as a group where they contribute in finding the answer for the problem. I was assigned to three students where I help them on the word problems. I go step by step how to solve them by using different strategies. I feel great that I am helping the student when they are struggling. I am learning from teaching that I am willing to work with each student who is in my group and try to communicate with them. I try to see how the student solves the problems so I know what I need to focus when they are doing more math or another subject.

Common Core/Testing/Lingering thoughts or questions:

I have seen that the teacher made an assessment at the beginning of the year and is planning to do more through the year to test the students and see if they have made a progress through the weeks they have been in school. I think that one thing that is missing is that sometimes students can’t remember what they have done. Probability if they reviewed what they have learned before she does an assessment it would be helpful and they would be refresh with everything they have learned. The classwork assignments and their effort are present in the grading of her second grade class.  Common core is present because she follows the expectations that the second graders should know for third grade and modifies it when necessary so students can understand the lesson she will teach. Each teacher has goals they need to achieve so their students could be able to solve harder problems as they progress through the year.  Some of the questions that I still wonder is how are Marcy doing to help those students who aren’t meeting the state standards? How well are teachers preparing their lessons?

3 thoughts on “Observation #3

  1. I like the fact that you have the kids think of another way to solve the problems. thats a good idea. I know in class I tried to help them remember the different math tricks so they can remember their factors.

  2. I like how you are questioning effort vs. mastery. This dynamic is one that all teachers should be worrying about. Yes, effort is critical. To see a kid working hard to learn is a victory. But, what if they don’t quite make it to where the standard says they should. What then? Does that mean the standards are not developmentally appropriate if a majority of the kids are not meeting them? Does it mean that our expectations need to be increased on a daily basis? These are not easy questions. And at the end of the day, the kids will graduate and go into the world. Will they be ready? Are you doing your part, even in 2nd grade, to ensure that they are “on track?”

    It would be interesting to ask the teacher how the school plans for remediation. I do bet they have a plan.

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