Beyond Banking.

In chapter two, Paulo Freire  talks more about the banking theory throughout the chapter. During the reading there were some parts where he wants things to be different like where he describes how children are disconnected from reality. He believes that children get confused with what is taught in class and when it comes to face reality that is around them. In page 74, he describes this issue where he gives an example  by saying ” Roger gives green grass to the goat and insist upon the importance of learning that , on the contrary, Roger gave green grass to the rabbit.” It makes the student wonder if that could be true or it is fantasy.  He wants children to be prepared for anything and be good listeners and investigators in their learning.  For the student and teacher there should be dialogue between each other because the teacher could understand the needs of the student and the student could understand what the teacher wants from them.Freire believes that  it would workout good if teacher to student and student to teacher dialogue is done in class. One thing that stand out to me was in page 72 where he  says “banking concept of education in, which the concept of action allowed  to the students extends only as far as receiving, filling, and storing the deposits.” It  made me think that students store information and as they go through elementary, middle and high school they use that knowledge learned because it is something they store in their long-term memory. As an educator I would like to teach my students good strategies how to solve math problems or other things that will help them through out their life and always remember it.

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