Observation Reflection #1

The place I would like to teach is in St. Anthony Village. It is a place where middle class people live and it seems a very welcoming community.  I have seen that many students who live there attend Wilshire Park, St. Anthony Village High School and middle school. The school building of St. Anthony Village Highs school and middle school is very nice looking from the outside, the parking lot is very nice where you can see the yellow lines where to park, and the football and soccer field is very clean. As I saw all these things I could see that the community has a good economic status. Things are very good and when you walk into the school you can see that it is very clean and fancy specially the office. The hallways are clean, lockers are shiny and not damage. The lunchroom is wonderful because it looks great and there are a variety of food choices where one can choose anything to eat.  I think that the community helps out the school so it can be nice without any problems. The only thing that has changed during the years is that there is more Hispanics in the school and different cultures are being represented here

I have chosen three different ways that I wanted to explore more on depth about this community and see the changes that have been made since I graduated two year ago.  The first place I wanted to go is the Spaghetti Dinner event.  I have always here that dinner event when I was in high school but never went because I didn’t want to feel left behind. This event was organized to collect funds for the softball team who needs uniforms in the spring 2014. I saw that many older people came to the dinner and some families. They came to help out these girls. People were talking among each other and some children were talking or playing with their friends. I felt weird being here because I didn’t know no one and I have come back to a school event after two years. It was different to see how people have changed and they are welcoming you to come and try their spaghetti. I asked someone that seems familiar if they were having a great time with this event. They said yes that it was their first time coming to this event. They never imagined that it had good food and that they would help the school as much possible because students are the future leaders. It felt nice hearing those words because I see that many people are wanting children to learn and that these upper middle classes were donating some of their money to the school so they get the sufficient funds they need.

The second place I went was the football game. It felt uncomfortable going to my first football game in a high school. I have never gone to a football game during my high school years. People were setting in the benches cheering for the huskies football game. I felt uncomfortable being around upper middle class because they were all white people that I have never met and I didn’t know whom I could talk with during the pre game. Then I saw a teacher that I knew that and had a conversation of how she has been and we talked about the changes that have been around the school. One thing that gabbed my attention is that new teachers are in the school and that they are bringing new ideas. Then when the game started I felt more comfortable and enjoyed the game because I knew that significant changes were being made.
The last place that I went to explore this community is walking around the neighborhood. I walked like a normal person from that neighborhood. I could see that was nearest stores like Wal-Mart, Caribou Coffee, Chipotle, and other things that people need is like few blocks from each house. I could see that every street is clean and some place don’t have a sidewalk where pedestrians could walk. People walk on the sides of the street. I felt unsafe at first because I was afraid a car could run over me. But I saw that people felt safe and knew that nothing would happen because everyone knew each other.  The houses are very well taken care and already some had Halloween lights that felt welcoming for children to go trick-treat.

Exploring this community made me see that things aren’t what they seem to be. I saw that upper middle class people are nice and some are friendly. It depends how you treat them and they help you around if your lost around St. Anthony Village.

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