More fun with standards of effective practice.

Standard: Describe what this standard would look like in practice What artifacts or evidence could you gather that would demonstrate mastery of the standard? Inspired ideas for you to use in the classroom, questions or concerns.
#1:  One that will be easy for you to master: Standard 4, instructional strategies.A teacher must understand and use a variety of instructional strategies to encourage student development of critical thinking, problem solving, and performance skills.  I would provide students with different strategies to solve math problems. Also i would try to incorporate some of the requirements they need to know like addition and subtraction problems that are related to real life solutions. I would do an assessment around the middle of the year or earlier to see where are the students placing when it comes to math or any subject.  I would use the 100’s chart or cubes where they could use them when they are doing addition or subtraction problems.
#2:  One that might be difficult for you:  standard 7, planning instruction.A teacher must be able to plan and manage instruction based upon knowledge of subject matter, students, the community, and curriculum goals.  I would try to get as much knowledge of the students’s culture and how their way of learning is. It would help me design a lesson plan, but it could be hard because as a teacher one doesn’t want to be anti-racist or cultural revenant in a classroom.  I would try to come up with different activities that students could do or I could incorporate students interest. For example i could say that Mary had 4 apples and stacey had 6 more apple. How many do they have in all? It will help my students get involved  and they could share their ideas with another classmate.
#:  One that you question or have concerns about: Standard 3, diverse learners.A teacher must understand how students differ in their approaches to learning and create instructional opportunities that are adapted to students with diverse backgrounds and exceptionalities.  I would want to create equal opportunities with each student. I would want them to express their ideas and not feel fear that they might be wrong.____________________

Inspired Ideas or Questions?

How would I incorporate this standard in my classroom without telling them that they need to know one way to do a certain thing?

I am kinda struggling with this idea of how I could use this standard in my


The standards are express appropriately to teachers and how they need to incorporate those standards in their curriculum. It can be overwhelming to see all the standards that are need to be done and how one should incorporate in the lessons that we will teach. I think that now we might be wondering how will I know if I am doing the standards the correct way. and have many questions on our minds.  Also when it comes to safeguarding the future quality of  teachers who will be looking at this standards they will need to know that these standards will need to be added in their lesson plans and that students will need to be prepared and ready to learn. It will help the teachers plan out how they will use these standards  and how the student are accomplishing these standards as the year goes by.

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