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When I took the practice MTLE for basic skills on reading, writing and math; I felt nervous before taking the sample test because I wondered how the questions would be and what will I need to remember. As I started to take the practice test and read the first reading, it was a three paragraph essay where it described about Nixon running for president. I thought that probability it would be easy to answer the question. But no it wasn’t that easy one had to remember certain things and there were some words that I didn’t know. It made it more difficult as it went to the next question. I thought that I was doing great as i was approaching the math. I had to reference some of the text, but it did ask some easy question. When the math came it asked some question of angle kilograms, adding letters with numbers. It worried me more because I couldn’t remember how to solve those equations that I have done for a while. The math was more difficult for me  because math is not my greatest subject and for the reading now I know what I would have to do on the exam that I will take.  Also the writing  I know that I will have to explain more in-depth on what the question that is picked and know that each essay needs a good explanation . I don’t worry about that, but I do worry about the two test.

I think that I will need more practice on the reading and math, but especially on the math part because that is the most part I did struggle. I think that I will need to take math for teachers this spring so I could know what I will expect on the exam and be prepared for when I take the math. I think that  I will take the math after I take math for teachers and take the rest after I have taken the math so I don’t forget anything. I will keep trying until I pass all exams.

3 thoughts on “Online work.

  1. I found the reading problems tricky as well! I am glad I’m not the only one. It was way harder than I thought. I think as long as we keep studying, we will do well. I like your attitude about keeping taking them until you pass, I will adopt that philosophy as well.

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