Thinking through the Middle School Visit

The two learning targets:

Middle school students will be able to recognize the definition of college (MCTC)

Middle school students will distinguish the available majors in college.  (MCTC)

Middle school students would make connections among their peers and know that college is a diversity school. They will see that there is major changes and that one decides what to study.  Middle school student would be risk takers and open-minded on what major they want to study after visiting college. The ways that students would  accomplish the learning targets: I would give them a handout of  the most popular majors that are taken by students and explain how competitive it can be, show them around the school, tell them about financial aid and how to win scholarships, give them information of the accuplacer placement test  and how to study for them, tell them where they could go to get help if they need help in a math, english or etc., do a game at the end to see if they understood what college is about ( ask them question like where is the library, how you could buy books, where is the cafeteria.), tell them personal stories of how we are in college, tell them how college is important, communication among peers and let them meet people who could be helpful when they enroll in college, how to manage time and responsibility, how college can help you find a better job, how successful college can be in our lives. To figure out how I could asses if kids mastered or learned the target by taking some notes of what their reactions were before and after. I could ask them what questions they have and help them understand any misunderstood information, make them reflect and be critical thinkers after the tour so they know what to expect and what to do when they are getting closer to go to college. Tell them how they can be the future of tomorrow and how education is something that will help us in our daily lives.  I hope that the middle school students enjoy coming to college and exploring the environment that is in a community college. It would be a different experience and I wished that I had this kind of experience of visiting colleges during middle school because I don’t remember visiting a college.

3 thoughts on “Thinking through the Middle School Visit

  1. Ahh, good thinking. I’m glad someone brought up the accuplacer test. As we go through high-school, we are all aware that our grades will determine where we get into college, but knowing that they will actually have to retake the classes they don’t pass the first time around once they get there (like Math 80, or whatever) is good information. Being prepared for that as a starting point makes a lot of sense. Maybe we could even generate some kind of example test– one that gives a general idea of what it looks like? How else would you present that information?

  2. Most of us are thinking similar ideas and it seems that we want the middle school students to live the life that we have for a day so that they know whats available at school and that they have the power to do what they want and choose what to study at the time they choose. I was telling others that maybe we can print off our own schedule and create a scavenger hunt for them to so they can have fun as well.

  3. I like your point about the accuplacer test. It will be helpful for them to realize that what they are learning now will actually be used again to gain access to classes. I also like your idea about taking account of their actions and reactions.

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