The advantages of IB is that  students get the opportunity to be critical thinkers and reflect on what they have done. Students will make conections between life and school and they will become good communicators, which they will build their own projects and it is like a driven curriculum. The disadvantages  would be that it would be hard as a teacher to not teach them one idea that we think is correct when it comes to math, reading or other subjects. Instead of bringing an idea, students will bring their own ideas and it would be hard to view from a global viewpoint. I think that as we get used to it we could understand and become experts on this IB program.  After getting tons of information about the IB program I felt that it was overwhelming and that  the other lesson plans weren’t that difficult as the others  because we brought ideas of how we wanted to teach a specific subject, but with the IB it is so different and be open minded.  It made me think from a different perspective and not think from an anti-racist or cultural relevant lesson plan. I believe  that when we get used to one idea, it can be hard to change our idea, but as a teacher one should be open to new ideas and try new things. If I got the opportunity to work in a IB school, it would be a pleasure to work there. I will accept any challenges and get the appropriate training because I would want to learn about the program they have in that school. It will help me as a teacher to gain experience and know that I can work at any school.

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