Final Blog.

The most important things that I learned from EDUC 1500 is the history of education, creating your own educational philosophy, achievement gap and observing in a classroom where one gets to see if what kind of philosophies the teacher is using in their classroom.  The moments that contributed to my thinking is when we got the opportunity to learn about the history of education and what was the meaning of education. It made me think that some ideas that I had on mind were kind of right but it helped me understand why one cares a lot of education and how we should view as we get more experience in the field. I think that some questions that will be in my mind is “What is my educational philosophy and would it change through the years? What can I do to help children and that they aren’t left behind? How will I get student to be engaged in their learning?” I challenge my self with some of the reading by thinking outside the box, which means that I thought how will I use these things that are described in the reading in my class. I wondered how difficult it could be, but it could help me progress and if I don’t try I will never know. It made me think a lot when I was doing the reading and ask questions to myself.  A lot of the things that I learned about the achievement gap and how school is funded helped me see things different and made me see how I could help students and what a teacher can do so the students progress and never give up. This class was amazing and made me see things different and challenged myself.

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