Observation #5


I have been volunteering all this semester at Marcy Open School. I have observed 95:46 hours this semester. I have been working with a group of students on their math work. It work with students on their word problems and went step by step how to solve them. They had a difficult time understanding how to do the word problems using a different strategy. Also I have helped the teacher grade some assessments like words their way, some math worksheets that they have done and other things that students have been doing. It made me see that being a teacher isn’t that easy because there are a lot of worksheets to grade and prepare for the class.


Evidence of family:

The school is very welcoming when you enter the school. You have to push a button before you can enter to the building because they want to keep the children safe and the visitors go directly to the office to check in. There are bulletin boards that show the work of students and dates of important events that will happen in school. It is very nice to navigate through the school because you can ask questions to Phillips who is in charge of the school where each classroom is or the doors of each grade are decorated and say first, second and etc., which describes the grade they are.  In the classroom that I am working now, it is very welcoming to families because when you enter the room you can see how colorful and peaceful it is. The teacher always greets you and there is work of each student are in the walls or you can see students working on their work.  I have seen that some families come to talk with her and she takes her time with the families by telling them how their child is doing and what things he could improve if they are struggling in something. Tiffany is a very good teacher and takes care of her children and puts a lot of effort in helping children and communicating with families.  I have seen that some parents email her and she takes her time responding them back. Some of the parents receive their newsletter by email because it is easier for the families and others receive paper copies of their newsletter.



  1. I got the opportunity to work in a group of three students who are very nice and like working with me during math. I go with them step by step of how to solve the word problems. Usually I will sit with these students on the floor and each of the students brings their clipboard and the hundreds chart. I try to challenge them by asking them if they could try a different way to find the answer to the word problem. I could see that they would get frustrated on their work because they wanted to add always but they had to subtract. They would always call my name when they needed more help or wanted to show their work and see if they were on the correct track.
  2. Before thanksgiving break I got the opportunity to work with the students on an activity where they got the opportunity to design a turkey. First I got two students to come up to the table and put one of their hands on the paint and then put it on a white piece of construction paper.  After the paint was dried, they got the opportunity to write on each finger that was in the sheet and say what they were thankful for in this thanksgiving. It was nice seeing each student write nice things and I got to communicate with each student.
  3. The other thing that I liked is that I got the chance to do a do an assessment on spelling words. I asked three o four students to grab a clipboard and a pencil. Then I took them to the hallway were each of the students were separated.  After handing them a piece of paper I started to do the spelling test. They had six spelling words, which I gave a sentence using each word. I think that it helped and they were listening very carefully to the pronunciation of each word.

I could see that the teacher manages the classroom very good and tries to meet the standards she had to follow for that year. She tries to make work fun for the students by showing them different way of how to solve the problems or do an activity that engages the children each day.  I think that all the things that I have done in this class, has made me see that I still want to be a teacher and work with students where I will try to establish goals for each one and have good communication. It made me realize that one has to prepare lessons and try to meet the goals for the whole class. It takes a lot of time to do something and try to make students be engaged. I learned a lot of techniques from the teacher and she gave me good advice of how to teach a second grade classroom. It has been the best experience to volunteer at this second grade classroom and I will still continue to volunteer.



The question that I would ask is “how would you try to engage those students who are always distracted and trying to talk to their neighbors? What can you do or what things do you have on mind because they are always going on time outs, but they still do the same thing all over again?

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