Bonus Blog..

This semester has been the hardest for me because  I took like sixteen credits this semester and never knew that taking three education courses would be a lot of work. But I challenged myself and made it through. I like taking Education 2350 because it made me move out from my comfortable space and build relationship with my classmates. It made me see that there is different lesson plans and it made me think deeply and I had hard time with the last lesson plan because it was difficult to build an IB lesson plan. I learned new ideas and there was moments in class where some of the agreements we had made me think of how I would like my class and who will I be as a teacher in a couple of years. The most important thing I like from this class is when the Seward tour happened because I had to work with a different age group of students that I never imagined to teach. It was difficult at the beginning because some student weren’t focusing and asking other questions that sometimes one didn’t have answers. It made me feel that I had control and that I was their teacher that day and I had to have thing prepared, even though some things I planned had to change. It was a great experience to see different students during the tour and made me realize that I was made for this profession that I want to be, which is a teacher that will work with students and encourage them to never give up. It was fun taking this course and hearing different ideas of my classmates.

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