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Get to know your community….

The neighborhood that the school is located in the powder horn community. Some of the  students live around the neighborhood and take the bus. The closest doctor of medical  clinic was kinda hard to find because I am not familiar with the community and tried find it. The closest grocery store is the south side farm store and kwang tung foods. The closest playground that is not the school playground is the Phelps park, it is a regular part and feel safe for students to play and that it is close for the community to take their children in the summer to play at the playground. The closet coffee shop is the MayDay Coffee and Blue Ox coffee. The closest laundromat is the Lakewood cleaners and three other important futures are there is a close barber shop, dairy queen and the Rison Christ School. There is  community organization the is called PPA Powederhorn Park Neighborhood Association and he city council member is  Alondra Cano’s. Some of the events ins the community and school is there is the MPLS school fair showcase, the Coffee, Tea and IB and one could go on a tour every Monday at 12:30 and Thursday at 8:30 am.  Some of the local newspapers are like the PPNA. org. which can be seen online, and probability star tribune because I wasn’t sure about what other newspapers would be local and I had a had time finding the latest news that occur in the neighborhood. The demographics that describe the race, gender and socioeconomic status of the fifth grade is that majority of the students are Hispanics by 44%. Most of the people live around the school and some have single family homes. It seems a nice and peaceful community where the school is located.  Some community agencies that are nonprofits is the McKnight Foundation, Metropolitan Regional Arts Board, people for parks, valspar foundation. They help enhance the quality and have a good engagement with the community. Some of the parks that are close by is the Hiawatha Golf Course, blocks north is Lake Nokomis and the Minnehaha Creek. When I visited the school on Friday I could see that the building is big and well taken care even though it has been there for years. The playground is well taken care and students enjoy having fun outside during recess. The environment is very welcoming to anyone who is visiting the school.

First time in Bancroft Elementary School.

The night before I couldn’t sleep and was nervous. I wonder how the environment and the students would be. The first time I got there today, I was nervous and wanted to meet the students. As I walked to the classroom I could see that there was work  of students and it was a welcoming and nice place to be there. When I meet the students they were so nice and respectful. I got to know my group by introducing myself and knowing each of the students name. When it was time to brainstorm ideas that are issues around the community, school, country and world. It was interesting to hear each of the students ideas and each of them hear clearly to their classmate. It was amazing to see that some of the students had brilliant ideas. It was little hard at the beginning to grab their attention but as time went they started to have some confidence and started to share their thoughts. Meeting them for the first time was really nice and got to see how each student has different ideas and want to address them. I am excited to do the PA project with them and be back again there next friday.:)

Initial thoughts.. Education 2650

I am excited to start this class and learn more about public achievement and how i will work with students every Friday. I am excited to see what things i have to do and get to meet the fifth graders and be able to work with them. I am looking forward in do lesson plans and helping students. I want to gain as much experience and put to practice what I have learned in Education 2350 (intro to pedagogical practices). I will be on time for class and the workshops that we will have. I am wondering how the workshops would look like, I know that it will help me become a better learner and know that one has to keep trying and not give up easily. All the experience I gain from this course will help me in the near future when I become a teacher and know what things I could do to be prepared and how to make my class fun not boring.