First time in Bancroft Elementary School.

The night before I couldn’t sleep and was nervous. I wonder how the environment and the students would be. The first time I got there today, I was nervous and wanted to meet the students. As I walked to the classroom I could see that there was work  of students and it was a welcoming and nice place to be there. When I meet the students they were so nice and respectful. I got to know my group by introducing myself and knowing each of the students name. When it was time to brainstorm ideas that are issues around the community, school, country and world. It was interesting to hear each of the students ideas and each of them hear clearly to their classmate. It was amazing to see that some of the students had brilliant ideas. It was little hard at the beginning to grab their attention but as time went they started to have some confidence and started to share their thoughts. Meeting them for the first time was really nice and got to see how each student has different ideas and want to address them. I am excited to do the PA project with them and be back again there next friday.:)

1 thought on “First time in Bancroft Elementary School.

  1. Thank you for your honesty! I have lost sleep for the past 23 year each and every first day of school. The more you care, the better teacher you will be. I know it isn’t always easy, in fact it is a very hard road……but it is worth it. The first time you hear a student say, “oh now I get it!” It is a joy to do what we do and I feel very lucky to be in the classroom each and every day. The kids were very excited to meet all of you and there was a buzz the rest of the day! Thank you for being there for them! Lisa

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