Monthly Archives: February 2014

Group meeting 2, blog 4

I was excited to meet my group and get to know each of the students interest. I was nervous at first but as I got to know them it was fun working with them. They had brilliant ideas and it was nice hearing them.  My lesson plan did go well because I got to do everything I had plan because the student were collaborating and wanted to work on the questions that they were asked. I could see that one of the students was having a hard time  and I tried helping him. I asked questions to get him engaged but had to play an activity so he can  get engaged and give some brilliant ideas he had, even though he said he didn’t want to be in this group he knew more than he thought.  I think that on my next lesson plan I will start with an activity so they can have fun for a bit then get them to work in the assignments we have to do. Before it was time to go, I asked to ask their family what immigration was so they could get some background. I promised them that I would bring more information like articles that are related to our topic. My students are very anxious to find a solution even though they want to write a letter and publish it in the newspaper so their voices are heard. It will be an excited semester working with them and come up with great solutions for this cause. 🙂

Blog three..

I was excited to go to the first day and meet the students. I had great ideas and activities to do with my group. I couldn’t make it, but I am hoping to meet my students this week where I can get the opportunity to meet them, which I could know they interests and why they chooses this topic. It will help me get to know each of them and would like for them to have confidence on me, which meant that I will try my best to be there each friday and help them with their project.  I am little nervous to meet them on Friday and probability they will ask me why I wasn’t there last friday. I am looking forward in working with my group and can’t wait to hear their ideas.