Monthly Archives: March 2014

Blog for 3/28

It was fun seeing the students again after a week. I could see that they were energetic and ready for spring break. I had a lot of things planned to do with the students. I tried to make them focus on what I had planed for them but they weren’t paying any attention at all. Then I had to change my lesson and instead we played some activities so they could be engaged and unfocused. I could see that I am on track with everything that we  are supposed to be doing but sometimes  I feel sometimes overwhelm when some things aren’t going as it goes. I can see that being prepared and changing the lesson plan is great because after the activities that we did together students were paying more attention. There I explained how the project would be and what the expectations are for this project. i made them do a concept map and see what they know about immigration and from there we could see what our action plan would be and how we will inform the audience of what we are doing. Hopefully after the students return from Spring break we can be right on track and keep moving forward with our project.

Blog for 3/21

Today went really well with my students because they were coming up with ideas. Even though we had a new student in our group, each of the students were helping him catch up with all we have done. It made me see that they showed good team work .They want to create flyers and a power point/board where they would explain what immigration is and why the dream act will help other students get their GED or go to college. I was amazed with everything they said and made me think that probability I should show them a short clip where it explains about the dream act. I think that it will help them brainstorm more ideas and see what other things they could do. Towards the end I tried to let them have free time and play a game we choose from the iPads. The students knew that if they behaved will they would get extra time to play an activity or do something fun. I am happy that I am working with  these students and see them progress along the way. I know that being a coach is hard but as time goes I see that I can get their attention and they will listen to what I am saying because they know there is rules that we established together.

Blog for 3/14

Even though I was on Spring Break I decide to go and see my PA group. It was amazing seeing them and knowing that they were excited to see me.We have missed a lot after those days that school was canceled but I feel that we are on track. We worked with iPads because we needed to find resources for our topic. They were having difficulties on figuring out how to cite the sources. I was able to help each of my students with the resources. I saw that they were getting tired, so I decided to do a game. We played some activities and the students were engaged. They were happy to drink apple juice at the end after completing the game. I know that we will be working hard and a lot was done this Friday.

Blog for 3/7

I was excited to see my group again and do some activities. I was sad that one of my students went to another group but I know that he is in a group that he will have fun and come up with brilliant ideas. Today my lesson plan went well because I played the true and false game where the students got the chance to write two things that were true and one that was false. They had fun guessing who that person it was and deciding which of the three was false. We started to come up with an action plan where we decided to inform the audience about the dream act. The students had brilliant ideas and how we could distribute this information to the public. The students were very collaborative and on task. I could see that they had more confidence and talk more with me. They sometimes want me to speak on Spanish because they feel comfortable and I don’t mind doing that. They were trying their best and ask for help when they didn’t understand something. I am excited to see what the results would be at the end. I love working with these students and listening to their ideas.  🙂

Blog four..

It was really nice meeting with my immigration group after not seeing them for three weeks. I was excited to do my lesson that I had and I was so prepared. First I did an ice breaker with my students, so we could have some confidence and let them know that I am here to help them. One thing that frasturate me more was that the video I had to show my students didn’t work, I had checked it the day before but it didn’t work that day. Instead we read some parta of the story of each kid who immigrated to the U.S. The students got to see that there is people around the world that immigrate here to America.  Over all I did have a great time with the students and glad thay they were cooperating and they showed me around the school.