Blog for 3/7

I was excited to see my group again and do some activities. I was sad that one of my students went to another group but I know that he is in a group that he will have fun and come up with brilliant ideas. Today my lesson plan went well because I played the true and false game where the students got the chance to write two things that were true and one that was false. They had fun guessing who that person it was and deciding which of the three was false. We started to come up with an action plan where we decided to inform the audience about the dream act. The students had brilliant ideas and how we could distribute this information to the public. The students were very collaborative and on task. I could see that they had more confidence and talk more with me. They sometimes want me to speak on Spanish because they feel comfortable and I don’t mind doing that. They were trying their best and ask for help when they didn’t understand something. I am excited to see what the results would be at the end. I love working with these students and listening to their ideas.  🙂

1 thought on “Blog for 3/7

  1. You are doing such a great job with these boys! I see them coming out of their shell and they truly enjoy coming to your group. Please do not responsible for the one student that had to switch groups… was not YOU, but instead it was better for his learning. Keep up the great work!! Lisa

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