Blog for 3/21

Today went really well with my students because they were coming up with ideas. Even though we had a new student in our group, each of the students were helping him catch up with all we have done. It made me see that they showed good team work .They want to create flyers and a power point/board where they would explain what immigration is and why the dream act will help other students get their GED or go to college. I was amazed with everything they said and made me think that probability I should show them a short clip where it explains about the dream act. I think that it will help them brainstorm more ideas and see what other things they could do. Towards the end I tried to let them have free time and play a game we choose from the iPads. The students knew that if they behaved will they would get extra time to play an activity or do something fun. I am happy that I am working with  these students and see them progress along the way. I know that being a coach is hard but as time goes I see that I can get their attention and they will listen to what I am saying because they know there is rules that we established together.

1 thought on “Blog for 3/21

  1. It is good that you are building solid relationship with your students, even though you had a new student to join. I believe that you are setting good leadership skills by setting a goal to have your students behave throughout P.A. and then rewarding them if they had extra time to spare. That meant that your lesson plan was a success.

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