Blog for 3/28

It was fun seeing the students again after a week. I could see that they were energetic and ready for spring break. I had a lot of things planned to do with the students. I tried to make them focus on what I had planed for them but they weren’t paying any attention at all. Then I had to change my lesson and instead we played some activities so they could be engaged and unfocused. I could see that I am on track with everything that we  are supposed to be doing but sometimes  I feel sometimes overwhelm when some things aren’t going as it goes. I can see that being prepared and changing the lesson plan is great because after the activities that we did together students were paying more attention. There I explained how the project would be and what the expectations are for this project. i made them do a concept map and see what they know about immigration and from there we could see what our action plan would be and how we will inform the audience of what we are doing. Hopefully after the students return from Spring break we can be right on track and keep moving forward with our project.

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