Action Research Project

During my project I had a lot of things in mind and wanted to explore ideas with my group of students. After deciding that I wanted to do a questioning with my group and see good results. The reason I choose questioning is because I could see that my students were having trouble developing good questions and some of the questions were so simple. I knew that my students were good critical thinkers. So I decided to show them examples of good questions that some people developed when interview a person.

My plan was to help my students specially those who were having trouble writing English correctly and writing good questions for our interview. I made them think of how they want to express their ideas and create good questions where Kate would understand and give good answers. I gave my students at least five minutes where I made them write at least five questions they would like to know from Kate (guest speaker). After the five minutes were done I asked each of them to read their five questions to the group and see if they had similar questions. The students could see that some were similar and worked together to create strong and developed questions they would ask their guest speaker.

My action plan did work because my students were prepared for our guest speaker. They developed really good questions and were eager to ask their questions to Kate.During the interview I could see that my students were prepared. The students were writing down important information. I could see that they were really engaged and seeking answers about immigration and about the dream act. They were surprised to learn new things that they didn’t know and could help their families. At the end the students were happy that she came and that their questions were really good because all their wonders were answered. The students felt that they were ready to start the project and inform the audience about their topic.

After experimenting this action with my group I could see that if I am well prepared and helped I did change some things that weren’t good. The students put a lot of effort and by showing them examples of how questioning worked. The final result was good and it helped them. The next step would be researching because I would like to help my group get better at researching by finding good websites. I will start the cycle again by showing them how to find good trustable websites online when doing a project in the new future as they progress in school.

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