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Bonus Blog..

This semester has been the hardest for me because  I took like sixteen credits this semester and never knew that taking three education courses would be a lot of work. But I challenged myself and made it through. I like taking Education 2350 because it made me move out from my comfortable space and build relationship with my classmates. It made me see that there is different lesson plans and it made me think deeply and I had hard time with the last lesson plan because it was difficult to build an IB lesson plan. I learned new ideas and there was moments in class where some of the agreements we had made me think of how I would like my class and who will I be as a teacher in a couple of years. The most important thing I like from this class is when the Seward tour happened because I had to work with a different age group of students that I never imagined to teach. It was difficult at the beginning because some student weren’t focusing and asking other questions that sometimes one didn’t have answers. It made me feel that I had control and that I was their teacher that day and I had to have thing prepared, even though some things I planned had to change. It was a great experience to see different students during the tour and made me realize that I was made for this profession that I want to be, which is a teacher that will work with students and encourage them to never give up. It was fun taking this course and hearing different ideas of my classmates.


The advantages of IB is that  students get the opportunity to be critical thinkers and reflect on what they have done. Students will make conections between life and school and they will become good communicators, which they will build their own projects and it is like a driven curriculum. The disadvantages  would be that it would be hard as a teacher to not teach them one idea that we think is correct when it comes to math, reading or other subjects. Instead of bringing an idea, students will bring their own ideas and it would be hard to view from a global viewpoint. I think that as we get used to it we could understand and become experts on this IB program.  After getting tons of information about the IB program I felt that it was overwhelming and that  the other lesson plans weren’t that difficult as the others  because we brought ideas of how we wanted to teach a specific subject, but with the IB it is so different and be open minded.  It made me think from a different perspective and not think from an anti-racist or cultural relevant lesson plan. I believe  that when we get used to one idea, it can be hard to change our idea, but as a teacher one should be open to new ideas and try new things. If I got the opportunity to work in a IB school, it would be a pleasure to work there. I will accept any challenges and get the appropriate training because I would want to learn about the program they have in that school. It will help me as a teacher to gain experience and know that I can work at any school.

Thinking through the Middle School Visit

The two learning targets:

Middle school students will be able to recognize the definition of college (MCTC)

Middle school students will distinguish the available majors in college.  (MCTC)

Middle school students would make connections among their peers and know that college is a diversity school. They will see that there is major changes and that one decides what to study.  Middle school student would be risk takers and open-minded on what major they want to study after visiting college. The ways that students would  accomplish the learning targets: I would give them a handout of  the most popular majors that are taken by students and explain how competitive it can be, show them around the school, tell them about financial aid and how to win scholarships, give them information of the accuplacer placement test  and how to study for them, tell them where they could go to get help if they need help in a math, english or etc., do a game at the end to see if they understood what college is about ( ask them question like where is the library, how you could buy books, where is the cafeteria.), tell them personal stories of how we are in college, tell them how college is important, communication among peers and let them meet people who could be helpful when they enroll in college, how to manage time and responsibility, how college can help you find a better job, how successful college can be in our lives. To figure out how I could asses if kids mastered or learned the target by taking some notes of what their reactions were before and after. I could ask them what questions they have and help them understand any misunderstood information, make them reflect and be critical thinkers after the tour so they know what to expect and what to do when they are getting closer to go to college. Tell them how they can be the future of tomorrow and how education is something that will help us in our daily lives.  I hope that the middle school students enjoy coming to college and exploring the environment that is in a community college. It would be a different experience and I wished that I had this kind of experience of visiting colleges during middle school because I don’t remember visiting a college.

Observation Reflection #1

The place I would like to teach is in St. Anthony Village. It is a place where middle class people live and it seems a very welcoming community.  I have seen that many students who live there attend Wilshire Park, St. Anthony Village High School and middle school. The school building of St. Anthony Village Highs school and middle school is very nice looking from the outside, the parking lot is very nice where you can see the yellow lines where to park, and the football and soccer field is very clean. As I saw all these things I could see that the community has a good economic status. Things are very good and when you walk into the school you can see that it is very clean and fancy specially the office. The hallways are clean, lockers are shiny and not damage. The lunchroom is wonderful because it looks great and there are a variety of food choices where one can choose anything to eat.  I think that the community helps out the school so it can be nice without any problems. The only thing that has changed during the years is that there is more Hispanics in the school and different cultures are being represented here

I have chosen three different ways that I wanted to explore more on depth about this community and see the changes that have been made since I graduated two year ago.  The first place I wanted to go is the Spaghetti Dinner event.  I have always here that dinner event when I was in high school but never went because I didn’t want to feel left behind. This event was organized to collect funds for the softball team who needs uniforms in the spring 2014. I saw that many older people came to the dinner and some families. They came to help out these girls. People were talking among each other and some children were talking or playing with their friends. I felt weird being here because I didn’t know no one and I have come back to a school event after two years. It was different to see how people have changed and they are welcoming you to come and try their spaghetti. I asked someone that seems familiar if they were having a great time with this event. They said yes that it was their first time coming to this event. They never imagined that it had good food and that they would help the school as much possible because students are the future leaders. It felt nice hearing those words because I see that many people are wanting children to learn and that these upper middle classes were donating some of their money to the school so they get the sufficient funds they need.

The second place I went was the football game. It felt uncomfortable going to my first football game in a high school. I have never gone to a football game during my high school years. People were setting in the benches cheering for the huskies football game. I felt uncomfortable being around upper middle class because they were all white people that I have never met and I didn’t know whom I could talk with during the pre game. Then I saw a teacher that I knew that and had a conversation of how she has been and we talked about the changes that have been around the school. One thing that gabbed my attention is that new teachers are in the school and that they are bringing new ideas. Then when the game started I felt more comfortable and enjoyed the game because I knew that significant changes were being made.
The last place that I went to explore this community is walking around the neighborhood. I walked like a normal person from that neighborhood. I could see that was nearest stores like Wal-Mart, Caribou Coffee, Chipotle, and other things that people need is like few blocks from each house. I could see that every street is clean and some place don’t have a sidewalk where pedestrians could walk. People walk on the sides of the street. I felt unsafe at first because I was afraid a car could run over me. But I saw that people felt safe and knew that nothing would happen because everyone knew each other.  The houses are very well taken care and already some had Halloween lights that felt welcoming for children to go trick-treat.

Exploring this community made me see that things aren’t what they seem to be. I saw that upper middle class people are nice and some are friendly. It depends how you treat them and they help you around if your lost around St. Anthony Village.

Beyond Banking.

In chapter two, Paulo Freire  talks more about the banking theory throughout the chapter. During the reading there were some parts where he wants things to be different like where he describes how children are disconnected from reality. He believes that children get confused with what is taught in class and when it comes to face reality that is around them. In page 74, he describes this issue where he gives an example  by saying ” Roger gives green grass to the goat and insist upon the importance of learning that , on the contrary, Roger gave green grass to the rabbit.” It makes the student wonder if that could be true or it is fantasy.  He wants children to be prepared for anything and be good listeners and investigators in their learning.  For the student and teacher there should be dialogue between each other because the teacher could understand the needs of the student and the student could understand what the teacher wants from them.Freire believes that  it would workout good if teacher to student and student to teacher dialogue is done in class. One thing that stand out to me was in page 72 where he  says “banking concept of education in, which the concept of action allowed  to the students extends only as far as receiving, filling, and storing the deposits.” It  made me think that students store information and as they go through elementary, middle and high school they use that knowledge learned because it is something they store in their long-term memory. As an educator I would like to teach my students good strategies how to solve math problems or other things that will help them through out their life and always remember it.

The Role of the Teacher

Before I started to take education courses I thought that teaching would be hard. I always asked how was the teacher so prepared and had everything organized for the lesson they were about to teach. I wondered how much time they took to build their lesson plans. I wanted to know how they could have good connections with the students and families. I could see their hard work they put toward teaching students what they needed to know. I used to think that teachers would have the day off when we were off from school, but in reality they were in conventions or preparing lessons for our class. I used to see that teachers worked hard to accomplish their goals and help her students understand what she is teaching and will work one to one with the student until he or she would understand it. I have seen that teachers love their job and don’t regret majoring in this career because it is something the love to do.

But when I started to take education courses I saw the philosophies that there was when it came to teaching. I saw that there is a variety of ways of how to build lesson plans, how to understand the structure and how fundings are in schools that some day we would be working. Some things that I think that helped me figure out how cultural and anti-cultural is different in a class and how to address them. One thing that I would do when it becomes to teaching in my class i would try to have good communication.  I found new ideas and how to manage a class by brining new activities where they will be engaged and still learn . I have seen that teachers go through a lot of things before graduating with their bachelors but I will never give up of my dream of becoming a second grade teacher.  I want to help my students be successful in everything and help them be ready in their math, reading and writing so when I give them an assessment I could know what they have learned and are struggling.  The education courses that I am enrolled this semester is helping me  a lot by developing ideas of how to develop my class and everything.

Culturally Relevant..

My dream classroom would be that I would put  pictures, maps and frames from Ecuador. It will describe where I come from and  children will feel welcome to see that I am able to describe who I am and how I want to have a welcoming environment in the class.  Also I would want to connect with my students so I can get to know who they are and how I could Incorporate some of their beliefs in my classroom. I would find books of some cultures that they were from and learn on depth so the students see that I am trying to learn about them and that we have a cultural relevant environment. For example when Ladson-Billings says that we have to Honor and respect the student’s home culture which means that parents and advocates want to supplant the entire curriculum with “African” curriculum (p.151). It makes me think that I would want to have some of the curriculum based on culture of the students so they can learn some of where they came from and I would incorporate some of the American History so students get engaged when they learn something new each time. the activities that I would want to do with them is bring them pictures and crossword puzzles where they can learn from that culture, then connect as a group to share the ideas they learned and how it connects to their culture.  I imagine students being engaged and interested in learning more than they  have learned about their culture. But one thing that I am afraid is that  students could get bored or not get engaged when we are learning about each others culture. I would want to form a community where students feel confident when they come to the class. The materials that I would use is that each student could bring an item that describes their culture and share it with the class. It would be interesting to see what they bring. Some of the questions that I would ask is how will I corporate some of their culture in my lesson plan? What things will be interesting that will make them be engaged to learn more? Am I being biases when it comes to teach a new culture to the students?

In chapter six on page 127 there is a quote that says “student’s real-life experiences are legitimized as they become part of the official curricula,” I would think very carefully  of how I would i could connect their experiences they had to what we would learn so they can get engaged in the lesson.  Another quote would that I would keep on mind is ” I’ve seen too many black children, particularly boy’s get missed over school” (p.152).I would try to help each student be engaged and help them when they are struggling, but I think that it would be little hard with some boy’s who won’t listen and will do the opposite of what I expect them to do. I will try my best to have good communication with the each student.I want to create a fun and interesting lesson plan where I can repeat the same process the following year.

Digging into Relevant Pedagogy…

From the video, I can see that Tracy is trying students to communicate and have a community in the classroom. She wants students to engage and feel that they are in a place where they can express themselves. Tracy has a classroom where each students has a a voice and that they can   help each other when they aren’t understanding something. She wants to have a great communication with each student. She wants students to build from their culture and share their stories as a group. She wants them to interact with different cultures and feel that they are the same.  I liked when she asked each student which of them have different friends from different cultures? It made me see that Tracy is a teacher who likes to interact with different cultures.  From the reading  I can say that she is a teacher who is helping students makes connections between their community, national and global and she encourages  “community of learners.” I can say that she does those practices good and tries to incorporate all her knowledge and help the students be good critical thinkers in the community that they have. I could use some of the ideas in the classroom but will need some change because I will have a welcoming environment and make students be engaged. It just depends how we want to teach pedagogy in our classroom.

Seeing Students..

In the Schultz reading I didn’t agree with some of the things he said when it came to the model of teaching. I think that letting students choose what they want to learn can bring consequences because they won’t learn what is necessary for them to be ready for the next grade. I think that if one follows the standards and if one gives them one day where they can choose what they want to learn because it will engage the students to learn and try their best. It will help the students be good listeners and see that I do worry for their education and give them choices sometimes. I would like to make goals or see what each student is learning and that will help me see what I can do to meet the standards. I want them to be ready and ahead of the level of reading or math.

When I broke down the standards/benchmarks into smaller pieces I was thinking more in the student’s learning. I want them to learn step by step when it came to solve real life problems using two digit numbers. I would need them to know how to count to one hundred, know the addition and subtraction rules, know the vocabulary used in addition and subtraction so it can be helpful hints for them. I will do the best to accomplish these goals so my students don’t lose some of their learning and that can be good in math or reading depending on what they are struggling.

Approaching Planning.

An important thing that I will consider as I do my lesson plan is how will I approach cultural diversity. I don’t want no one to be left behind or feel that they are in a wrong place. I want them to feel confident. I don’t my students to think I am being biased with the topic I am going to teach, so I would find appropriate language where they can understand what I am teaching and ask their personal opinion . I want their ideas to be heard and compare it to our topic.  I want to establish a great lesson plan where i can go back the following year and retouch and do small changes.  Some questions I would  consider asking myself is how well will my students understand the material that is given? What would I do if the discussion is getting off control, would I change the topic or try to address why they are feeling that way? Are they comparing and contrasting the topic if I gave them an example? What kind of information will I deliver? For example show  them pictures, documents or something that will help others who are visual learners. I want my students to be good critical thinkers and be able to remember the information I give with something that probability happened to them or seen or heard about it. But I know that I will not go through all my lesson plan that same day perhaps there was something important that we had to address and end the lesson early.