Toolkit for Technology for Educators

September 4, 2013

As I was reading the chapters I saw that technology is a big issue now in school. Everything taught in school is one based on computers or testing. In the olden days there were chalkboard, whiteboards and etc. But now students just are seeing smart boards and seeing grades online or doing homework online. Things have changed a lot. An idea that it came to mind is that some parents are not that good at technology. They might have a hard time with finding good sites so their children can learn more in math, or maybe want to be in contact with the parents by sending them emails and the parents don’t even have an email. I want to teach them how to use the internet but not them but also the students that probability is having trouble with something. It can be a small group of parents where I will show them what an email is and everything. Then it will be more easier for them and me when I forget to send something important to the students. Hopefully this plan works when I try it on the near future even though it is an idea I had on mind.

September 10,2013

An important thing that I liked about the debate we had today in class was how technology can be good and bad when it comes to education. There were certain things that made me think, for example when one person said that  we need technology for critical thinking. I don’t think that could be possible because we are the ones who need to think and come with questions and answers from our knowledge that we have learned. Technology can not be easy when it comes to twitter, facebook or other things. It can distract a student from their learning  and teacher would have a hard time teaching their lesson. There can be a pro and con side of this but we are the ones who are depending on technology to much. Sometimes we don’t see that technology is changing us and that every time. One thing that I would like to teach my students is that we can use technology and textbooks to learn, but make them see that technology is not always necessary.  I would assign them a homework where I want them to explore and see what kind of technology they have at home. Then we can talk in class and see why technology is necessary and how we don’t need to use it a lot. It will be a great way to interact with my students.

September 17,2013


This week I was amazed to see the different games that one has played for an hour. It made me see that no matter what gender if a girl or boy play any video game because they are having fun. One thing that I liked that as teachers we need to find a way of how we will find a lesson or activity to make students be focused in class. There is a variety of statistics that say that boys are the ones who get distracted easily in school, well i don’t think so. When I am preparing a lesson I will think in both genders and would ask myself if i am not being biased and will find a good activity. In this activity I would want to do a math game in the computer where I know the students will be well focused because they will be more engaged and not get distracted. Having iPads in class will be helpful to the math games and could be nice if they were able to take it home once a week.Another thing I would like to do is send them with activities that could be done at home and that each friday they bring back their logs and I will see how much time they spent and I would give them a treat. I just want to find good ways of how i can get the attention of both boys and girls and that they don’t feel left behind.

September 24,2013

During today’s class we had a great discussion where  we discussed digital dividing. We were divided into groups and discussed questions that were in padlet. It was great idea where we put our answers and the teacher and student took control of what is said and published in this website. When it comes to use this program in the classroom in the near future it will be great and nice to teach my students how to use this.  First I could teach then how it can be used and how it benefits them as students. It will be good for discussions in a group or as individual where students can express their ideas.  As a teacher one can see if the student is contributing and how she can arrange the ideas that the students put in the discussion board.  I will find time to use this program in classroom when discussion or a debate is happening for a topic we have choose as a class.

October 1,2013

In today’s discussion it made me think more carefully on what I put online and what I limit to publish in Facebook, twitter or instagram. I think that as a educator that I will become I will need to think what I want people to know about my personal life and what I shouldn’t publish because it can be seen all around the internet. ButI think that as a teacher one should teacher children how to manage what they put online and what cyber bulling is bad. I will try to talk with students and see them how it affects a person even though they don’t think it is a bad idea. In my opinion I believe that a teacher and a students can be have a good communication but that being friends on facebook would be something to think about it. As teachers one should wonder and ask “Am I ready for them to know who I am? Would they judge me or will i accept them to be my friend? There is many questions to be asked, but I think that informing the parents how they can help and how I will ask students to communicate with me if they are facing problems in school so i can help them.

October 8, 2013

In class we discuss how well is technology incorporated in classes? We can ask many questions if we are teaching correctly? Will students be engaged and not be daydreaming because it can be bored for them? I think that when it comes to teaching, I would find ways how students would be engaged and that they will actually learn the lesson that I am teaching. For example I would make them choose any way to present a project that they would be assigned and that they needed to do research outside the classroom. It would make students be critical thinkers and use technology correctly . But still I would wonder if I covered the necessary for them and if they will remember in the near future when a test occurs. But technology and books can be incorporate correctly but taught in a good way so students will remember you as a teacher that used technology good for their learning. It just depends how you want to use technology. I would do my best to find solutions for this when it comes to teach in society where technology would be more dominant than textbooks in the near future.

October 15, 2013

Some of the things I loved is learning some ways of how one could incorporate different kinds of websites/technology in our classroom. The one that I would love to use in my classroom is kids blog or do the story bird. They seem two very interesting websites that I know that my students would love to work with. First the kids blog would be helpful because i could know what kinds of information my students understood and what things i need to reinforce the next time i teach the lesson again or when I do a review with them the next day. Another thing I could do is parents could also use this blog where they can be informed of what their students will be learning and what accomplishments they have don. When it comes to the story bird it was interesting and I haven’t heard about that website where students could build their own story. I think that this would be perfect for my second graders  because they would be engaged and interested in doing their own story. I know that they would have fun and also they could share it with their classmates or parents.  FIrst of all I would inform the parents of what I plan to do with them and how it will be beneficial for their learning.

October 26,2013

I think that i would like to use pintrest where one could pin ideas from others. The first time I saw this website was when the teacher that I volunteer for showed me how interesting this website could be for personal use or use to bring new ideas to the class.  It is a very interesting website that would help teachers bring new ideas to the class like activities or create posters that are related to the lesson she or he is about to teach.   Or one can create ideas that think that are interesting for second graders and others might pin your ideas. I think that  i would be interested in using this website because it will help me brain storm some ideas or pin ideas of others that I could incorporate in my lesson plans. I could use it in the near future when i am stuck coming up with ideas for my class when we have indoor recesses.

October 30,2013

Today in class I was talking to Syrena where she talked about readImagine. I thought it would be interesting for me to do a research and see what this website could do for students. It is an app that could be downloaded in an iPad. It was fun to explore and see that children could read at their own level and when they accomplish that level they would go to the next and start reading new books. It seems interesting because I have seen that ST Math something they do in the class that I volunteer the students are very concentrated and don’t make any noise. So if I had a chance to do this website I could grab the attention of my students and they would be engaged and work quietly during reading time because they could get distracted easily. It would be a good way to use this website in class. Also it could help me see in which level the students are and how well their reading is progressing.

November 5, 2013

I would like to incorporate technology in my class and build a lesson plan where I know that I would have interact with the student and that they will be engaged. I would like to create a power point or use pad let where  they would start to categorize the word problems that I have written and from there they would get some knowledge if they need to add or subtract. I think that first I would need to explain them what I am expecting from them and what their instructions would be so they don’t get confused on what they are supposed to do. It would help students know that the bold words are hint words that will help them distinguish if they need to add or subtract. It will help them set an equation and solve it by using any strategies .

But doing the lesson plans using technology  in class helped me see that there is different ways one could incorporate technology in class and that students will get engaged and not get distracted easily. As I go through this class I will try to find ways of how technology would be good to use in class .

November 19,2013

Today I found out that there is different  lessons that could be downloaded from the internet. It was helpful to know how to use the SMART board and what one could do with it. Also it was interesting to see that  one could record our lessons and it could be easier for students to understand while I am talking. I could be giving a lecture but still students will see the objectives that I want them to learn. I think that using a SMART board would be nice in my classroom and I could show examples of the work that they would do that day.  Also I liked using Popplet, it is the same as pad let. It was nice exploring something new and playing around. It was nice using this website and i would like to use that website when I want to students to express their ideas after an activity.

November 26,2013

I got the chance to see how to communicate with families better by using technology. It gave me ideas of how to develop a plan where I will send an email explaining them what I would be doing and what are my plans. I think that trying to use something new in the class and telling the parents of what I would be using it would be beneficial. I would like to use wordpress or instagram so I could try something new and parents would  know what they are using because they will be familiar with the website. It would be easier for the parents and students. I want to do my best to communicate with families and that they trust me by trying to help their child become better learners in school.

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